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ğŸŽ‰ Exciting Announcement! ğŸŽ‰

🌟 Enter Now for a Shot at Winning a Dazzling 36mm Presidential Watch! 🌟

Behold the magnificent 36mm preowned factory 18k yellow gold band, adorned with a custom bezel and dial. This exquisite timepiece comes complete with a luxurious box and a certified appraisal. It's a true gem!

📅 The Moment of Truth: Sunday, December 24th, at 4 PM! ⌚️

We believe in the power of fate, so we'll be selecting the lucky winner randomly. The thrilling announcement will be made live on Instagram, exclusively on our account @monicajewelers. Set your alarm for 4 PM sharp!

ğŸŽŸï¸ Unlimited Entries Await! ğŸŽŸï¸

Why settle for one chance when you can have many? Your dreams of owning this extraordinary watch can become a reality with each ticket you purchase. There's no limit to how many times you can enter! 🤩

💲 Ticket Pricing: Unbelievable Value! 💲

For just $45, one ticket grants you an entry into our exclusive raffle. But wait, there's more! Double your chances with two tickets for only $60! The more tickets you have, the higher your odds of claiming this remarkable timepiece.

⏰ Raffle Day Etiquette: Time is of the Essence! ⏰

When the long-awaited raffle day arrives on December 24th, 2023, the winner must act swiftly. If fortune smiles upon you, you'll have a glorious 15 minutes to call us. For those out of state, a phone call within 15 minutes is all it takes to secure your prize.

ğŸŽ Out-of-State Clients: We've Got You Covered! 📦

If you're located outside our state, fret not! We've arranged complimentary overnight shipping to ensure your precious prize reaches you without delay. Your happiness knows no boundaries, and neither do we!

📍 Local Pickup or Convenient Shipping: It's Your Choice! 📮

For those lucky enough to be nearby, select local pickup to personally collect your tickets from our store. But if distance separates us, fear not! Opt for shipping, and we'll send your tickets safely via USPS Mail, ensuring they reach you securely.

🌟 Don't Miss Out on This Extraordinary Opportunity! 🌟

This is your chance to elevate your collection with a timeless treasure. Enter now, embrace the thrill, and let destiny guide your path to victory. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! 🍀✨

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